Hyundai Santro Xing Environment

Hyundai  is committed  to making  vehicles that make theworld a better place to live in. From design stage to production, all  processes  are concentrated  on  making cars that  pollute a lot less and exceed global benchmarks. The processes by themselves  adhere to the most stringent  environmental norms  in terms of waste management, recycling and use of ‘green’ raw materials.

Hyundai  Motor  India  has  been  awarded   the   benchmark  ISO  14001 certification  for  its sustainable environment management practices. Living up to its commitment of  providing global standards of quality and process management in India, Hyundai had put in place  an Environment Management System (EMS) at its manufacturing plant in Chennai  right from its project stage. The certification process was completed in a record time of 10 months  with ‘Zero NCRs’. The assessment was done by TUV SUDDEUTSCHLAND and covered areas like Awareness Training, Technology Upgradation, Recycling, Waste Management and fulfilling Government Regulations.

HMI  is also  working  on  a  backward  integration  strategy  that  will  support  vendors  of the  company in implementing EMS.

Hyundai Motor Company, S.Korea, the parent of HMI, has  been doing considerable work  on sustainable Environment Management . The company  has  a well  defined  framework  in place for developing  products that reduce  pollutant emissions and processes for preservation of natural resources and energy along all the stages of the product lifecycle from production, sales, use to disposal. The  company  has also  been in  the  forefront  of development of  environment  friendly technologies  like Hybrid  Electric  Vehicles (HEVs), and Fuel  Cell  Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) and has been awarded the ISO 14001 certification for all its three major plants in Ulsan, Asan and Jeonju in S.Korea.

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