Hyundai Santro ENGINE

You encounter varying driving conditions everyday. Always demanding more from your car’s engine. In terms of power efficiency, reliability and long life. Just like each driver is unique, so is each engine. The ‘active intelligence’ technology empowers the engine to think and operate at its best under usage condition, delivering maximum power and mileage.
It does the job of opening and closing the valves with effortless ease,delivering more power while reducing the engine work load. Because of this the engine heath up less and gets more life. Add to this the thin section low-friction piston rings reduce mechanical load, plus wear and tear. mileage from the engine. During rapid acceleration. When more power is required, injectors are pulsed in groups of two at a time. At cruise, injectors sequentially deliver fuel to the cylinders as per the firing order,thereby delivering the best of mileage. It determines the perfect time to ignite the fuel and air mixture under any condition. Instead of fixed ignition curves in normal programmed ELUs, the klil” Read the quality of fuel and your mind, changing the ignition tining accordingly to deliver perfect conlustion. Resulting is superb mileage, power and ultra low emissions
The much-improved low drag co-efficient of the wind tunnel developed shape of the Santro Xing ensures maximum fuel economy while the specially designed large radiator grille and massive bumper air dam maximise airflow into the radiator, keeping the engine cool and at peak operating efficiency.
The Santro Xing features the world class McPherson Strut Suspension with a stabilizer bar in the front and a torsion beam axle with 3-link offset coil springs and hydraulic dampers in the rear. This helps to iron out the pot-holed Indian roads with a smile. Not only that, the wider tyres give you surefootedness even on slippery surfaces.
The Santro Xing comes equipped with larger ‘Ventilated’ front disc brakes. These ventilated discs, with in-built air vents along the circumference, dissipate the heat generated by braking, much faster than the conventional solid discs and enhances the life of brake pads. The ventilated discs also cool down much faster, providing solid and dependable brake performance even under the most severe traffic conditions.

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