Hyundai Santro Xing Safety

Antilock braking system

The new Santro Xing is the only compact car in India to offer the world class Antilock Braking System (ABS) as an option on all trims. A safety standard across the world, the ABS prevents wheel lock during sudden braking maneuvers, thereby preventing the vehicle from skidding and allows the driver to remain in control of the vehicle, no matter how slippery the surface.

Crumple Zones

The crumple zones in the new Santro Xing have been further reinforced to conform to the strictest of global safety norms and tested for frontal and offset impact in the most gruelling test track conditions, so that you drive away with complete peace of mind. Take a look at the Multimedia Animation of our Crash Tests.

High Torsion Impact bars

A pair of ultra-high strength steel members are built into the doors of the Santro Xing for additional protection against side impact, while a front impact bar and an engine subframe protect you in the event of a frontal impact.

Crash Tests

Hyundai vehicles are put through rigorous Crash Tests during developmental stage that conform to the exacting standards set by agencies like NCAP and SINCAP. Every effort is made to exceed the stipulated norms to ensure uncompromising passenger safety.

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